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Capital Campaign Invests in Student’s Future

Thomas Finke

Thomas (“Tom”) Finke brings more than two decades of financial experience to his position as the chairman and CEO of Barings, a global financial services firm. Beyond his role at Barings in Charlotte, North Carolina, Thomas Finke belongs to the Capital Campaign Committee of Davidson College.

Davidson College’s Capital Campaign enables the institution to provide a liberal arts education that prepares students for society’s changing environment. The campaign invests in initiatives that further Davidson’s capabilities and reimagines the liberal arts for future leaders and generations. Areas of investment include scholarships, efforts for community excellence, and initiatives that prepare Davidson students for leadership.
Priorities that dictate the campaign’s operations include the following: a dedication to educational excellence, strengthening the Davidson campus, and preparing students for innovative leadership. These priorities help define the campaign’s goals and identify crucial areas of investment, ranging from fellowship and leadership initiatives to scholarships and the Davidson Trust.

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