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Davidson College at $350.3 Million of $425 Million Fundraising Goal

Thomas Finke

Thomas “Tom” Finke is the chairman and CEO of Barings LLC, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based asset management firm. Outside of his professional life, Thomas Finke donates his time to being a member of the Capital Campaign Committee for Davidson College.

In late 2014, Davidson College announced a new fundraising campaign designed to provide increased support for its endowment, scholarship fund, and the expansion of its campus. Over the course of five years, the institution announced its intention to raise $425 million, making the effort the largest fundraising drive in its history. The drive was intended to target parents, alumni, and foundations with interest in the success of the small but prestigious liberal arts college.
A little over two years after the announcement was made, the campaign has now raised $350.3 million. Of that amount, $210 million had been raised previous to the announcement of the campaign in a low-profile effort to generate funding that began in mid-2010. With several years left to raise the remaining $75 million, Davidson College has cause to be optimistic about achieving the lofty goal. About three out of five of its alumni are regular donors to the school, which puts it among the top school in the country with regard to rates of return.

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