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Davidson College’s Game Changers Capital Campaign

Thomas Finke

An accomplished finance executive, Thomas Finke balances a busy career in the investment management field with a commitment to civic and philanthropic initiatives. In addition to serving as the CEO and chairman of Barings in Charlotte, North Carolina, Thomas (Tom) Finke offers his professional expertise to religious and educational organizations. Among other efforts, he serves as a member of the capital campaign committee for Davidson College.

Located in Davidson, North Carolina, Davidson College was founded as a Presbyterian school in 1837. After nearly 200 years, the college has emerged as a leading liberal arts school that has trained hundreds of Rhodes Scholars, government leaders, and other prominent figures. Additionally, the college stands out as the first to eliminate student loans as part of financial aid awards.
To reach its ambitious financial and educational goals, Davidson College is pursuing an ambitious, multiyear capital-raising campaign. Launched in 2015, “Game Changers” aims to raise $425 million for scholarships, faculty positions, and graduate support. The school has made considerable progress toward its goal - in 2017 alone, it raised more than $66 million. This number marks the second-highest fundraising total in a single year for Davidson College.

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