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Drop These Three Golf Myths To Improve Your Swing

Thomas Finke

Prior to becoming CEO of Barings Asset Management, LLC, Thomas Finke served as chairman of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, LLC and director of Wood Creek Capital Management, LLC. In his spare time, Tom Finke enjoys perfecting his golf game.

If you deconstruct three myths about your golf swing, you might be able to improve it. First, players are told to keep their heads pointed down, but you should actually allow your head some flexibility. Looking down hinders your body’s rotation and puts stress on your neck.

Secondly, players often are coached to keep their left arm straight, but doing so causes increased strain on your right arm. Instead, allow your left arm some flexibility to bend when swinging.

Lastly, players mistakenly believe they should keep their heels down when swinging, but most bodies are not that flexible. Instead, allow your left heel to raise naturally as your rotate through your swing, so you are able to shift your weight more effectively.

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