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Five Tips for Improving Your Golf swing

Thomas “Tom” Finke serves as the CEO and chairman of Barings LLC, a global asset management firm that focuses on meeting client’s evolving capital and investment needs. Beyond his obligations to the company, Thomas Finke enjoys golfing. The following list includes tips for improving one’s golf swing.

1. Maintain your balance. Balance serves as the basis of all golf techniques and other swing flaws cannot be fixed until you attain a balanced swing. Moving forward on your toes or back on the heels will cause the hands and body to make up for the imbalance. You can improve control over your balance by practicing your swing while standing on a foam log. 

2. Sync your hands and body. Putting too much reliance on the body over the hands and vice versa can have adverse effects on your swing. For instance, becoming too hands-oriented will reduce the power of your swing and too being body-oriented will affect your overall control. 

3. Draw power from your body. Using your body for power rather than the hands or arms will increase the distance of ball flight. You can practice powering the club with your body by hitting the ball without taking a backswing and trying to drag it into the air. Use your chest and shoulders to move the club, not your hands. 

4. Perform pre-shot routines. Pre-shot routines help you maintain proper alignment and give you the necessary time to visualize your shot. It also enables you to consider ball position and the route it will take after your swing. 

5. Incorporate tension release into your pre-shot routine. Tension can drastically affect your swing and your overall game, so incorporate tension release techniques into your pre-shot routine. Quiet your mind and practice breathing exercises.


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