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Is a Steel or Graphite Golf Shaft Best for You?

Thomas Finke

North Carolina-based financial services leader Thomas “Tom” Finke serves as the CEO and chairman of Barings, LLC, a global institutional asset management company that handles over $300 billion in assets. Outside of the office, Thomas Finke stays active by golfing.

Golf clubs are generally available with either a graphite or steel shaft. Steel shafts are an excellent choice if you are a more skilled player because they generate more vibration than graphite shafts. This vibration provides instant feedback about what you did right and wrong with each swing, thus allowing you to make adjustments and improve your overall game. In addition, steel-shafted clubs are ideal for fast swingers, as the heavier weight makes it easier to maintain swing tempo and control.

On the other hand, graphite shafts are generally a good option if you are still learning to play. They do not vibrate as much when striking the ball, so you won’t have to worry about them hurting your shoulder, hand, or arm. Further, they are helpful if you have a slow swing tempo because their light weight increases your swing speed and distance with less effort.

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