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Milken Institute’s 2017 Asia Summit Examined Global Markets

Thomas Finke

Thomas Finke serves as chairman and CEO of Barings LLC, an institutional investment management firm that oversees $299 billion in assets. His extensive background in finance and investment has assisted him in building and scaling the firm’s global reach. In addition, Thomas Finke is a popular speaker at industry conferences and in broadcast media.

In 2017, the Milken Institute featured Tom Finke among the distinguished group of speakers at its Asia Summit. He was one of four panelists who discussed the topic of “Global Capital Markets” at the Four Seasons Singapore.
The panelists’ comments covered the geopolitical and market-driven factors that should necessarily enter into any decisions about capital structure and the allocation of assets. They also discussed the development of global financial-services industries in light of emerging technological innovations, as well as what influences the shifts in today’s capital markets bring to bear on governmental regulation.
The Milken Institute operates as a non-partisan philanthropic organization devoted to increasing the economic and social capital available to people throughout the world. The institute works to support the development of high-quality healthcare and educational opportunities that foster stable governments and markets. The Asia Center is one of the institute’s eight locations around the world.

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