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Short-Term Investments vs. Long-Term Investments

Thomas Finke

An accomplished leader in the finance industry, Thomas Finke has spent the past 10 years as the CEO and chairman of a global asset management company. Under the leadership of Thomas (Tom) Finke, the company offers a range of asset management services to help institutional clients meet their short- and long-term needs.

Deciding between short- and long-term investments depends on when you need the money. Often, short-term investments are used if the investor wants the ability to sell the investment quickly in order to raise cash.
Most short-term investments include public equity stocks and liquid bonds like Treasury securities. Since stock markets can be so variable, a higher level of risk may be involved in equities.
Long-term investments include less liquid assets like real estate, private credit or private equity. Long-term investments have liquidity risk, which means the holder may not be able to sell the investment quickly.

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