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Three Must-Read Works of Historical Fiction in 2017

Thomas Finke

With a successful banking and investment career of nearly 30 years, Thomas Finke serves as the chairman and CEO of Barings LLC in Charlotte, North Carolina. In his free time, Thomas (“Tom”) Finke enjoys reading and counts Jeff Shaara, who writes historical fiction that often focuses on war, among his favorite authors. For those seeking similar works, here are a few with a 2017 release date.

1. War Cry by Wilbur Smith. Set during the final days of the Great War and into the beginning of World War II, War Cry tells the story of a father and daughter living in Africa, navigating traitors and spies while fighting for their survival.

2. The Diplomat’s Daughter by Karin Tanabe. In this heart-wrenching novel, the daughter of a Japanese diplomat finds herself not only in a Texas internment camp after the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, but also falling in love with a German man, who is also the victim of fearmongering in World War II America.
3. The Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill. Set in a gritty 1920s Chicago, this poignant novel tells the story of Piper Sail as she embarks on a dangerous journey to find her missing best friend who has disappeared without a trace.

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